Unic paintings both oil on canvas, oil on wood and acrylic.
Objects and designs in 3D and VR
Graphical work, etchins, litho's and computer aided designs

Graphical works and designs

In my graphical work the possibilities the computer gives have always been more than welcome. But I started out with the classical techniques. 

I make the prints of my digital art in high quality Giclée on canvas or paper. 

Giclée is accepted museum quality.

A colorful graphic work of spring tulips
A colorfull spring spring bouquet, digital painting
Abstract and colorful summer flowers, digital painting
A mirrored portrait of US rapper Kor Element showing 2 sides of him
A mirrored portrait of composer Michael Baxter
A mirrored self portrait showing two aspects
A collage with the (pre-) Hindoe deity Ganesha, holding hit tools of power
A young woman sculpted by lightwaves, gyclee print
A  linoleum cutting of a panting zebra
Colorstencil of an abstract Italian mask 1
Colorstencil of an abstract Italian mask
Linoleum print of a bus in the Hague in two colors
A digital inspired cover for the 'Culturele Raad Zuid Holland to be used for 1 year
A poster design for a happening in the Rotterdam library celebrating love in all its forms
Torso of a young woman dressed in light, Giclee print