Unic paintings both oil on canvas, oil on wood and acrylic.
Objects and designs in 3D and VR
Graphical work, etchins, litho's and computer aided designs

About me

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I graduated at the Koninklijke Academie (Royal Academy) in the Hague, and got my diploma in 1985. Before that I became a technical engineer, because my parents didn’t trust the arts would give me a sound future.

I was still very young when the first computers came around. My father was an early adapter and he loved to write his own programs for his business. I share this fascination and from the start I tried different ways in which the computer could aid me as a new medium. And as a challenge, it was to be a new inspiration. Recently I’m sculpting inside the digital space, by means of VR. The development of generative AI is a new and very interesting frontier.

I’m not a painter, nor a sculptor; I just want to share my visions and communicate a ‘sensation’. For instance what a city can mean to you, or a close up confrontation with other beings with whom we share this planet.


So I paint, print and sculpt to what is most fitting for realising a specific idea.

Solo exhibitions:

Exposition Royal Art Gallery Amsterdam 2012 

Exposition Centrale Bibliotheek Rotterdam 2014

Exposition Kunst gallery/Dick de Vries Den Haag 2022

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