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Sharing my visions


Some Mushrooms were added!


On pigments in oil paint.


Madeira 2012


‘Prairie dog’

Oil on canvas

Latest painting


Oil on canvas

Graphic art

‘Light Sculpture’

Giclee print

Rotterdam City view

Oil on canvas

120*120 cm

Added 3D objects

Sea Creature

Latest painting


Oil on canvas

30*40 cm

On collaboration III

Working together with wasps and other animals our collaboration results in a sculptured wooden object. We both profited from the working together. 


A jacket with a altered QR code, redirects you to this site. This can be done for you too.


Self portrait

Graphic art

Latest Portrait

Michael Baxter, composer

Your portrait can be commissioned

Latest blog:


Over hoe je er voor zorgt dat je kat je begrijpt. Catlingo!