About me


I studied at the Royal Academy of Art in den Haag, and got my diploma in 1985. Before that I studied as a technical engineer, basically because my parents didn’t think that painting would give me a sound future.

The years after that I did work, but a lot of that was destroyed because it wasn't up to my own quality standards.

I’m not a painter, nor a sculptor; I want to share my visions and give my viewers a sensation and an insight of them by seeing my work. So I paint when the idea asks for it, and use other techniques when necessary.

In the period of 1990 up to 2006 and with the inspiring work (wearable objects) of my college Lichel van der Ende we did big performances, especially made for the location and scenery. I did the choreography and direction for ‘93 secrets’ in Venlo and the opening of the first ‘Haagse salon’ in the new municipal of The Hague in 1996 with 80 performers. Over the years we did more of these. The last performance was with the ‘Ode to a Tree’ in the Atrium of the Hague, opened by the Dutch Royal princess Irene.

Another interesting project was ‘ Mode Extravaganza’ (Fashion Extravaganza), a day on the street festival (Haagse pleinfestival) in the Hague. Here I made up a program of artists and acts that use fashion as a means, and organized that day.

In 2012 I had a solo exhibition at the Amsterdam Royal Gallery.

Want to know even more? Have a look at my blogs and photos then, for they will reflect my points of interests and amazements in life.

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